Cigar & Bottle Shop


Premium Cigars

We are constantly receiving praise for our business plan, which was to make sure we offered something for EVERYONE ! And, we didn't forget the Cigar aficionado's and the Craft Beer lover's when we started planning for Roman Bistro. If you appreciate a QUALITY cigar, you won't need to stop somewhere before you get here.  You'll find your favorites, and you may find a NEW cigar, one we may recommend based upon what you are eating or drinking while here.  A DELICIOUS craft inviting glass of wine and a flavorful, World Class, PREMIUM cigar ? Just one of the many reasons to visit Roman Bistro...and DO as the ROMAN'S do ! Here is a list of some of what we offer.

Bottle Shop
While we are known for having 33 SUPERB beers on tap, it's no secret that specialized, smaller craft brewing has changed the face of beer drinking. There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing craft brews out there just waiting to be discovered. We do our best to FIND the best, and make them available to you. There are over 300 variety bottles ready for takeout, ranging from 1 bottle to a 12 pack. Yes, you can mix and match and have a blast discovering a beer you've never heard of which may become your new favorite.

If you don't have time to stop in for dinner, stop in and create your own mix and match " TO-GO PACK " .


Below is a list of some of our offerings. We're always adding more, so check back often , 
and we hope to see you soon !